• Southam Parish Register images - Bap 1539-1914, Banns 1754-1877, Mar 1539-1915, Bur 1539-1915 - Indexed - Some gaps - (Dropbox Download)

Southam Parish Registers

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These are copies of the original images from the parish registers as follows..

Includes a searchable index.

DR0583/01 Baptisms Burials (1810 – 1812)

DR0583/02 Baptisms (1813 – 1847)

DR0583/03 Baptisms (1848 – 1914)

DR0583/09 Banns (1777 – 1802)

DR0583/10 Banns (1823 – 1846)

DR0583/11 Banns (1846 – 1877)

DR0050/08 Marriages (1777 – 1812)

DR0583/04 Marriages (1813 – 1871)

DR0583/05 Marriages (1837 – 1891)

DR0583/06 Marriages (1891 – 1915)

DR0583/07 Burials (1813 – 1866)

DR0583/08 Burials (1867 – 1915)

Also included but not indexed

DR0050/01 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1539 – 1653)

DR0050/02 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1653 – 1675)

DR0050/03 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1678 – 1688)

DR0050/04 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1684 – 1695)

DR0050/05 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1695 – 1729)

DR0050/06 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials (1729 – 1809)

DR0050/07 Banns, Marriages (1754 – 1776)

Note there is no index, these are just images from the original registers and due to their age some images can be poor quality

This is a zipped set of files(approx. 537MB)

Source Information: Original data provided by Warwickshire County Record Office, courtesy of Warwickshire County Council.

All rights are reserved. Any unauthorised act, including but not limited to, publishing, copying, lending, reselling or hiring of this material will constitute an infringement of copyright. The material must not be made available on the internet nor in any form of publication. Data is for personal research use only. Please respect copyright.

Contact Warwickshire County Record Office on 01926 738959  or Priory Park Cape Road Warwick CV34 4JS for further details or in relation to requests for permissions regarding this material. 

Please support Warwickshire County Record Office in its work to make these unique resources more widely available. All money raised helps to preserve the collections and to make them available now and in the future.

Sam Collenette, Archives and Historic Environment Manager, Warwickshire County Record Office, Heritage and Culture Warwickshire, Priory Park, Cape Road, Warwick CV34 4JS, Tel: 01926 738950, email recordoffice@warwickshire.gov.uk, website http://heritage.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwickshire-county-record-office/

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Southam Parish Register images - Bap 1539-1914, Banns 1754-1877, Mar 1539-1915, Bur 1539-1915 - Indexed - Some gaps - (Dropbox Download)

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