• Researching Scottish Family History By Chris Paton (2010)

Researching Scottish Family History By Chris Paton (2010)

Researching Scottish Family History is a detailed introductory guide to those wishing to explore their Caledonian roots. Published by the Family History Partnership, which aims to provide genealogical books at an affordable price, the book is a packed 120 page guide to all areas of Scottish research, with information both on traditional and internet based resources.

The book starts with a basic chapter in getting started, detailing how to get the best out of talking to your relatives, ways and means to record your research and more. The second chapter continues with a guide to the institutional lay of the land, the records repositories that will help with your efforts, including the most detailed guide to the new Scotlands People Centre yet committed to print, as well as various other institutions in both Scotland and England that may help with your research.

The next five chapters provide detailed coverage of the basic statutory, parish, census and probate documents used within Scottish research, as well as an in depth look at the role of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Scottish research. The remainder of the book deals with the unique records connected to Scottish land holdings, occupational research records (including for Scots in the armed forces), the relevance and methods of DNA research, heraldry and tartans, and other useful sources.

Filled with handy tips throughout, the book also provides many useful contextual asides on various aspects of Scottish history relevant to your ancestral pursuit – why are there no bishops’ transcripts for Scotland, for example, and how do you prove whether your ancestor really was a Jacobite soldier? Completing the book are handy appendices listing the contact details of all Scottish based county archives, family history societies and dormains, making this an absolute essential for your personal genealogical library.

A5, 120 pages, ISBN: 978-1-906280-22-2

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Researching Scottish Family History By Chris Paton (2010)

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